What is Sonos and How Does it Work?

sonos home theater torontoIf you want to listen to music in any room of the house, then a wireless Sonos system may be perfect for you. There’s no longer a need to deal with annoying cables that are tethered to stereos. thanks to the rise of digital music, many streaming music services, and wi-fi, things have changed a great deal thanks to the wireless revolution.

The question is, what exactly is Sonos, and how does it work?

Sonos was founded in 2002 with the goal of transforming the home sound system to suit the digital age of today. The products and software of this brand are designed to provide homeowners with the flexibility and functionality of listening to music anywhere in the home.

The Sonos wireless sound system works through a single speaker connection to the home network, with more Sonos units added with a secure wireless mesh network, which is referred to as “Sonosnet.”

That network is a critical component to how Sonos’s multi-room speakers work, since it is positioned separately from the home network. This allows for a much stronger signal that is not vulnerable to dropouts when you are streaming music.

The ZonePlayer ZP100 and CR100 controller were launched in 2004. Since then, new products have been developed and enhanced to provide an innovative listening experience and convenient streaming service.

Sonos’s Easy Set-Up Process

One of the biggest appeals of Sonos is the incredibly simple set-up process that comes with the system. The Sonos Controller app walks you through the setup. All that is required is pressing the sync button of the speaker, which then links them to the network and other Sonos speakers by locating the connected speaker on the app and inputting details including your wi-fi password.

Easy-to-Use App

It truly is that easy. And using the Sono’s system on a daily basis is made even simpler thanks to the easy-to-use controller app. The app allows you to assign every individual speaker to a specific room in your home and program it so you can control the volume from your television’s standard remote, then add the streaming services of your choice. The app is able to recognize which speaker you are using, and the room that you are using it in.

Including other speakers into the mix is a cinch. Simply tap to add a new speaker in the app, press the sync button, and you’re done! Sonos truly is the most streamlined multi-room available today.

Listening to your entire playlist of songs in any part of your home may have once required major logistical hurdles, but thanks to Sonos, listening to music in your home has become as easy and convenient as ever.


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